How Much Do You Know About Exeter International Airport?


The history and progression of the one and only Exeter International Airport is phenomenal. Located within the county of Devon, Exeter International Airport has handled well over 1 million passengers since its opening. Offering scheduled and holiday charter flights, the airport is widely used by people across The South West.

Here you can discover the most interesting facts about Exeter International Airport, some you may already know, some you may not! This timeline shows the history, progression and information of the airport that people have come to know, love and trust.

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Who owns the airport?

5 January 2007 saw a majority share of the airport sold to Devon County Council, lead by Balfour Beatty. In 2013, the airport was bought by the Patriot Aerospace division of Rigby Group, who also own Coventry airport.

When did Exeter International Airport open?

The Airport opened its doors on 31st May 1937 and was greeted by the mayor of Exeter. However the airport was officially licensed for public use on 9 September 1937.

When did the airport formally open?

When the first stage of the terminal had been completed, air minister, Sir Kingsley Wood formally opened the airport on 30 July 1938.

How many names has the airport had?

The airport established with the name Exeter Airport Ltd then changed to Exeter International Airport.

When was the first flight into the airport?

The first flight landing into Exeter Airport was on Coronation Day in 1937 when a leopard moth of air dispatch landed.

How many passengers are there per year?

Exeter International Airport sees on average 400,000 passengers fly worldwide per year.

How many destinations are available from Exeter International Airport?

The Airport has access to 40 worldwide destinations including Austria, Cyprus, France, Greek Islands, Italy, Lapland, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK & Ireland.

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Where is the closest train station from Exeter International Airport?

The closest airport is Cranbrook Railway Station.

How much is parking in Exeter International Airport?

A 20 minute stay is free of charge.

What facilities are available in Exeter International Airport?

The airport includes a number of facilities for passengers and waiters including WiFi access, airport shopping, a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, a cash machine, a departure lounge and an executive lounge.

How far is Exeter International Airport from London?

The airport is approximately 170 miles distance to the South West of London.

How many terminals and runways are there in Exeter International Airport?

Currently, 1 terminal and 1 runway.

When will the terminal reach its capacity?

The existing terminal facility is looking to reach maximum capacity in the next few years

How many members of staff operate?

Over 250 members of staff work in the daily running of the airport.

How far is Exeter International Airport from the city centre?

The airport is approximately 5 miles east from the city centre of Exeter.

When did Great Western and Southern Airlines begin?

In May 1939, Great Western and Southern Air Lines began a daily service to Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Lands End and Isles Of Scilly.

When did Devon County Council take ownership of the airport?

In 1974, the council took sole ownership but 30 years later in 2004, decided to sell 75% into the operating company and south-west airports limited.

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