Winter Holiday Recommendations from an Exeter Chauffeur


Feel nostalgic about your summer holiday? The beach, the tan, the cocktails: what a time – what memories.

Nowadays, many are going on Winter holidays too. Be it for another dose of the sun or some extreme winter weather. As an Exeter Chauffeur, I take many people to the airport for their breaks – every time in unsullied luxury. Today, we’re going to run you through some best Winter city breaks that you could do this cold spell, all from a seasoned Exeter Chauffeur.

Exeter Chauffeur – City Breaks


It’s the new big thing. People are taking Fridays and Mondays off and booking a city break away. Four days seems the prime amount of time to fully absorb the city. You can see the sights, take in the culture, have a boogie, and consume the cuisine! Whilst certainly a more manic option, it’s one where you get to experience the most!

Here are a few cities we recommend:



Copenhagen is a European gem, especially at Christmas. Over the festive period German markets begin to pop up, Tivoli Garden (their central amusement park) becomes a winter wonderland, and lights are peppered throughout the city. There’s nothing quite like it.

This winter: don’t go to Hyde Park, go to Copenhagen. You can get return flights for less than £40!

Exeter Chauffeur

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark at night.


Amsterdam is a great spot. Their somewhat underworld culture is a sight to behold. If you go here, you’ll have stories for life.

Exeter Chauffeur

Night view of Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Budapest, similarly to Copenhagen, really comes to life in during the festive period. You can go to their Christmas market (one of the biggest in Europe), their thermal baths, or perhaps one of their winter cruises.

It’s a wonderful Winter delight!

Exeter Chauffeur


Malaga’s a beautiful city. It blends old and new in a seamless fashion like no other. Plus, and this is a big plus for many, it’s a winter sun destination! So if you don’t feel like facing the snow, hop on your laptop and book a flight to Malaga! This Exeter Chauffeur will take you to the airport!

Exeter Chauffeur

Luxury Airport Transfers

We offer luxurious cars to take you from your door to the airport. Transport is a stress you don’t want when it comes to your holiday. That stress is what we remove. So if you have decided to go on a city break this Winter, give us a call on 01392 92 50 51, we’ll gladly eradicate that stress for you.

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